PDF Presets

Indesign CS3-CS6

Indesign can export a PDF from within the application. 
Download the InDesign pdf export settings file 'McAra_Preset.zip' [McAra_Preset]

1. Load the settings file into InDesign: under the pulldown menu 'File' select 'Adobe PDF Presets > Define' then 'Load' linking to the McAra_Preset file you downloaded. 
2. To save a file with the McAra presets, go to the pulldown menu 'File', select the submenu 'Adobe PDF Presets' select the 'McAra_Preset' option.
3. Always open the PDF in Acrobat and check to see if your file converted successfully.

QuarkXpress 7.3 to 9.1

QuarkXpress can export PDF from within the application.
Download the QuarkXpress pdf export settings file 'McAraQXP8.zip' [McAra_Preset]
Convert RGB to CMYK and remove profiles embedded in cmyk images.

1. Color settings Source > QuarkXpress 7.0 Default 
2. Color settings Output > As is
3. Load the output settings file into QuarkXpress. Pulldown menu 'Edi't > output styles > import >McAraQXP8
4. Export a PDF file
5. Always open the PDF in Acrobat and check to see if your file converted successfully.

File Transfer

For speed and convenience, McAra Printing is equipped to receive your file electronically. However, even the most efficient file transfer system will falter if nobody knows the file has been sent. For that reason, we request that you notify us when you are sending a file for production.
Things can happen to files while moving through the internet, so we recommend you compress your files into a single ZIP archive to ensure everything remains intact. Mac OS X 10.5+ users can simply choose to ZIP a file directly from the finder (right click, choose “compress”). Windows users can use 7ZIP, a free application for compressing files. [http://www.7-zip.org/]

If your file is less than 5mb… Simply attach it to an email and send it to prepress@mcara.com. It’s also a good idea to CC your sales representative so they know the file has come in.

If your file is larger than 5mb… Contact your sales representative or CSR for instructions on how to access McAra’s secure FTP site.