McAra Printing Solar Carbon Offset Exceeds 1,000 Trees!

On Earth Day 2011 McAra Printing joined the ranks of alternative energy suppliers with the activation of our rooftop solar module array. The 48-module installation is capable of producing 11,280 watts of electricity when operating at peak capacity. According to solar equipment manufacturer Enphase, planting a tree offsets the same amount of CO2 as 55.3 kilo-watt hours. Since going live, McAra’s solar array has produced an impressive 55.3 mega-watt hours of clean electrical power, meaning we’ve now offset the same amount of CO2 as planting 1,000 trees!

You can monitor McAra Printing’s ongoing solar power production online. If you scroll down on the page you will see McAra's energy production for today in kilo-watt hours. Click the graphic on the right to see what that power can do. Click Lifetime Values to see the accumulated benefit over time.

McAra Printing strives to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our customer's projects while producing high quality printed products.