McAra Wins Local Energy Leader Award

November 2014 – McAra Printing was awarded the Encompassing Energy Leader award, presented by Bullfrog Power at the recent REAP Be Local Awards Gala held at the River Cafe, Calgary. REAP (Respect for Earth and All People) is a Calgary-based non-profit association for locally owned businesses that care about the community and the environment. McAra Printing joined the business association this year and has been singled out as an energy leader for our solar power generation programme in addition to our plant-wide initiative to reduce energy usage.

To date, McAra Printing has generated more than 57 megawatt-hours of clean electricity with a carbon offset equivalent to planting 1037 trees. In addition to producing clean solar energy McAra Printing has taken a number of steps to reduce our energy consumption:

  • Older print and bindery machinery with high-power consumption was retired and replaced with newer, energy-efficient technology.
  • High amperage power service brought to building meaning greater electrical efficiency throughout the plant. Each piece of equipment gets precisely the amount of power it requires–no more.
  • High efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting has been installed in the manufacturing areas to reduce power consumption and improve illumination for production staff. The T5 tube is nearly as efficient as LED lighting and the brightness does not diminish over the life of the tube. This greatly extends the operational lifespan of the lighting.
  • Throughout the print manufacturing facility the walls have been painted in a neutral density color to enhance visibility for the press operators and reduce the need for excessive lighting.

For more information about McAra's environmental programme please contact your sales representative, or send us an email.