Celebrating Earth Day 2015

On Earth Day 2011 McAra Printing proudly became a renewable energy producer when we activated our 11,280-watt rooftop solar array. Four years later we’ve generated 61.9 megawatt-hours of clean electricity, providing the same carbon offset as 1,120 trees–more than 3 acres of forest! To put that in perspective, it would take nearly 32.5 tons of coal to produce the same amount of electricity.

But that’s not all – McAra routinely audits all energy usage and implements procedures to reduce usage and improve efficiencies. Older, inefficient print and bindery machinery is retired and replaced with newer, energy-efficient technology. As well, energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout plant and offices.

When it comes to re-use McAra averages more than 540 tons of paper and 9 tons of aluminum printing plates recycled each year! And speaking of printing plates, we use chemistry-free plates for most print jobs on our large format presses. Our UV printing capability ensures zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released into the air.

In November 2014 McAra Printing was awarded the Encompassing Energy Leader award, presented by Bullfrog Power at the REAP Be Local Awards Gala held at the River Cafe, Calgary. REAP (Respect for Earth and All People) is a Calgary-based non-profit association for locally owned businesses that care about the community and the environment. McAra Printing joined the business association this year and has been singled out as an energy leader for our solar power generation programme in addition to our plant-wide initiative to reduce energy usage.

McAra Printing is committed to ongoing investment in green print and alternative energy technologies on behalf of their customers, and more importantly – the planet.

If you want to see how much energy we are producing right now, live solar statistics are available online.